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February 1, 2020

How Much Does Roof Cleaning an Ann Arbor Home Cost?

The cost of roof cleaning an Ann Arbor home is well worth that investment, as regular roof washing offers many benefits for the house itself and your property overall. Exterior house washing in Ann Arbor and especially roof cleaning is also not a DIY job!

Each pressure washing contractor in Ann Arbor sets their own roof washing prices, usually anywhere from $40 to $100 per hour or a few dollars per square foot. Average costs for roof washing in Ann Arbor might range around $200 or so, depending on your home’s size.

To ensure you care for your home properly and keep it in good repair, you might note some added information about roof cleaning in Ann Arbor. You can then discuss your options with a pressure washing company near you and know what to expect by way of fees and services.

roof washing ann arbor
Professional roof washing.

Does Your Home Need Roof Cleaning in Ann Arbor?

If you’ve never invested in roof washing for an Ann Arbor home, you might note some reasons why this service is so vital. One important consideration is that exterior house cleaning removes layers of soot and acid rain residues that tend to dry out roofing shingles and other materials, protecting those materials from potential damage.

Roof cleaning an Ann Arbor home also washes away developing mold, mildew, moss, and algae. These materials tend to spread along all the nooks and crannies of a roof including the spaces between asphalt shingles and tiles, loosening them. Algae also eats away at asphalt shingles, causing even further damage!

Exterior house washing in Ann Arbor also improves your property’s curb appeal in an instant. Roof washing removes layers of unsightly dirt and grime as well as bird droppings tree sap, and other debris, restoring the colors of shingles. You might be surprised at the appearance of your home and improvement in your property’s look overall after Ann Arbor roof washing.

What Is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Ann Arbor?

One reason that pressure washing is not a DIY job is that too much pressure is damaging to a home’s exterior building materials, especially wood decks and fences, exterior glass, and asphalt roofing shingles. It doesn’t take much pressure to loosen shingles or blow them right off the roof, or to bend metal flashing and chip exposed chimney brick.

Soft wash roof cleaning for an Ann Arbor home starts with a specialty surfactant that seeps into all the crevices of a home’s roof including the areas between shingles and around flashing. This surfactant is designed to gently but effectively dissolve thick dirt, mud, mold, algae, and other debris. After several minutes, a low-pressure rinse then washes it all away.

Soft wash systems are an excellent choice especially for older homes and roofs already in disrepair. The low pressure rinse reduces the risk of loosening tiles and shingles while the cleansers used during the process ensure an effective and thorough clean.

gutter cleaning ann arbor

Why Choose Ann Arbor Gutter Cleaning Along With Roof Washing?

It’s not unusual for an Ann Arbor power washing contractor to recommend gutter cleaning along with roof washing. Professional gutter cleaning of an Ann Arbor home ensures gutters are clean and clear of clogs, so rainwater runs to nearby downspouts and away from the home rather than over the sides of gutters.

Gutter cleaning an Ann Arbor home at the same time as roof washing ensures a thorough clean and you might even get a break on the price of the two jobs if you schedule them together! Your home will be protected from water damage while you enjoy a clean and pristine roof and a more attractive property overall.

How to Keep Your Home’s Roof Looking Its Best

While roof washing an Ann Arbor home is an excellent way to ensure its condition and appearance, you might also note a few steps you can take to keep your roof in tiptop shape! The first is to trim back any tree branches that allow for birds to roost, as birds overhead will result in droppings along the roof. Do the same for branches that drop sap, twigs, moss, and the like.

If your home’s roof still collects lots of debris, invest in a roof broom or brush. These brooms have long handles that extend the brush across the roof so you can pull debris off safely, from the street or while on a ladder. As with your home’s floors, a simple sweep can sometimes improve the appearance of a roof and keep it looking clean between professional washing!

It’s also good to invest in a roof inspection every few years. A roofer might notice missing shingles, bent shingles, and other damage detracting from the look of the roof. Investing in needed repairs improves the property’s appearance while ensuring your roof is always in good condition.

How Often Should You Invest in Roof Washing in Ann Arbor?

Most homeowners need exterior house washing in Ann Arbor every other year or so, depending on their particular neighborhood. Homes near the university or other crowded areas in Ann Arbor might be more prone to a buildup of soot, grime, and other debris from car engines, planes flying overhead, and the like, and might need roof washing every year.

If your home is located under mature trees prone to dripping sap, seeds, twigs, and other residues, it might need pressure washing services every year rather than every other year. If you tend to barbecue or grill outdoors and create lots of smoke, you might notice dark stains on your home’s roof that need washing more frequently than every few years.

A power washing contractor in Ann Arbor can also note a good schedule for your home, to ensure every inch of your property is clean and pristine. He or she might also recommend exterior wall washing and driveway pressure washing as well, to remove dirt and grime in those areas and keep your property looking its best. Along with roof cleaning in Ann Arbor, you’ll then have a home that looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside!

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