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March 7, 2019

The Hidden Benefits of Residential Roof Cleaning

Every home needs regular, professional roof cleaning by a power washing specialist. Consistent roof washing services improve the overall curb appeal of a house, and regularly cleaning a roof, or hiring a professional roof cleaning company to manage this job for you, has many other advantages and benefits as well.

Benefits of regular residential roof cleaning include:

  • Removing algae and moss that eat away at roofing tiles.
  • Exposing areas of damage in need of immediate repair.
  • Removing corrosive residues from shingles.
  • Reducing silt and mud that winds up in a home's gutters.
  • Restoring the color of a roof.

As a homeowner, no doubt you want to do everything possible to keep your home in good condition and avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs. Note some additional details about roof cleaning services and its benefits for your home, including how this exterior washing can help to prevent early roof repairs, so you know why it's so vital to schedule this work on a regular basis.

Benefits of Regular Roof Washing Services

Cleaning your home does more than make a house look good; regular cleaning of your home's interior and exterior protects it from damage and otherwise unnecessary repairs! Just like carpet shampooing helps to preserve the fibers of rugs, regular roof washing helps to keep shingles and tiles in good repair. Note how that is and some additional benefits of regular roof washing, and discuss how often you should schedule this work for your home with a power washing professional:

Roof Cleaning Cost Is An Investment In Your Home
  • Leaves, twigs, seeds, and other such solid debris wedged under and around roofing tiles can loosen those shingles, increasing the risk of losing them during a storm or windy weather. Loose tiles also increase the risk of damage to roofing paper, leading to interior water leaks.
  • Soot, airborne exhaust fumes, air pollution, and acid rain residues settle onto a home and then dry out roofing shingles, causing granules along the top of those shingles to become loose and crumbly and fall away. These granules typically wind up in a home's gutters, leading to clogs and eventual exterior water damage to your house.
  • Thin and damaged shingles also don't insulate a home as they should, letting out your home's heating and air conditioning.
  • Algae eat away at the limestone in asphalt shingles, causing those tiles to become thin and worn. Algae, moss, and mold also work their way under roofing tiles and flashing, loosening tiles and softening roofing paper. A home's roof can then look bumpy and uneven, and those tiles are at higher risk of becoming loose and falling away.
  • Mildew growing around roofing tiles and eaves creates a very unpleasant odor that is bothersome to people and pets! Washing mildew off your home's roof or calling a roof cleaning company that specializes in mold and mildew cleanup creates a more comfortable outdoor environment.
  • Sand, silt, grit, dust, and other such debris settled onto a roof's surface can eventually become airborne and make its way to your home's pool, patio, deck, flower beds, and other such surfaces, creating an unsightly mess and damaging these exterior surfaces of your property. Residues from a roof that settle onto the surface of pool water also make a pool filter work harder, causing excessive wear and tear and the need for repairs or replacement!
  • Mud, dirt, grime, and solid debris built up on a roof's surface can eventually dissolve and fall into the home's gutters, causing clogs and leading to potential water damage of a home's exterior walls and foundation.
  • A clean roof allows for a thorough and accurate visual inspection of shingles and flashing, so you or a roofer can more readily note areas of damage in need of immediate repair as well as thin and worn shingles that need replacing.

A thorough roof washing by a power washing professional also restores the color of roofing tiles and shingles, instantly improving a home's curb appeal. Real estate professionals even typically advise a homeowner to have their entire house, including the roof, pressure washed before taking photos and putting that home on the market, so its exterior looks as attractive as possible to potential buyers!

Benefits of Exterior Gutter Washing

Having a home's roof cleaned on a regular basis will protect that roof from damage, but a homeowner might also consider scheduling regular exterior house washing as well. Many power washing companies even offer discounts or package pricing on gutter cleanouts when you plan a roof cleaning!

Why Soft Wash for Gutter Cleaning an Ann Arbor MI Home

One reason to consider a professional gutter cleaning is that clogged gutters allow rainwater to spill over those gutters and down the home's exterior walls, creating unsightly streaks. This excess water might also soften outside brick, leading to interior water leaks. Rainwater that is not directed away from the home through its downspouts can also collect around a home's foundation, leading to cracks and water leaks.

Thick, packed dirt and mud caught inside gutters also weigh them down, increasing the risk of having gutters come away from the roof eaves or their connectors. A thorough, regular cleanout by a power washing professional means fewer needed repairs to gutters, connectors, downspouts, and roof eaves, and less risk of water damage to the home's exterior surfaces and materials.

Exterior House Washing Protects a Home From Damage

Along with regular roof and gutter cleaning, it's good to have the home's entire outside cleaned on a regular basis. Sand and other abrasive, gritty debris scratch exterior windows, making that glass thin and weak. Thin windows don't insulate interior spaces very well, letting in more heat and cold throughout the year. Your inside rooms are then hot and stuffy or cold and drafty, and your utility bills spike! Regular window washing removes that debris, protecting the exterior glass from potential damage.

Mud, grime, and other wet debris clinging to a home's exterior walls can soften brick and a home's concrete slab, leading to cracks and interior water leaks. Mud, dirt, dust, sand, and other debris on a property's concrete driveway and walkways often contain corrosive fertilizer and other such lawn care chemicals. Over time, this debris can soften concrete, leading to cracks, chips, and other damage. Professional power washing reduces the risk of all this damage while also improving your property's overall appearance.

Mold and mildew growing in cracks and chips of an exterior timber deck or wood fence are often bothersome to your skin and sinuses, and mildew creates an unpleasant musty odor, as said. Regular cleaning of wood surfaces outside your home provides for a safer and more comfortable outside environment. Washing away mold, mildew, algae, moss, mud, and other debris from a home's exterior as well as wood surfaces can also expose chips, cracks, missing grout, and other areas of needed repair.

Why Every Home Needs Regular Roof Washing

Every home needs regular power washing by a roof cleaning company, but you might note some added information on why some homes need this work done more regularly, and why every roof should be cleaned on a regular basis, no matter its age or appearance.

roof washing benefits
Professional roof washing.
  • Snow on a home's roof might be holding leaves, twigs, and other such debris. As the snow melts, that debris stays behind, causing damage to shingles and tiles. Homes in areas prone to heavy snowfall benefit from power washing by a roof cleaning company every spring, to remove that damaging debris.
  • Trees regularly shed leaves, seeds, sap, and other such debris, and provide a spot for birds to sit and nest. Residues from these trees as well as bird feathers and droppings are damaging to a home's roof. Houses located in neighborhoods with lots of mature trees typically need roof washing more often than others.
  • Soot and air pollution might be more common in areas with heavy vehicle traffic, or those with a nearby airport. Homes located near busy roadways, airports, or any venue that attracts heavy traffic typically need roof washing on a continuous basis.
  • Never assume that a new roof doesn't need washing! The age of your home's roof doesn't affect the amount of dirt, soot, acid rain residue, and other debris to which it's exposed. Having a new roof power washed on a regular basis will keep it in good repair and always looking its best.
  • Many of today's roofing tiles and shingles are treated with a copper or zinc that is meant to keep them intact for many years; however, these materials can break down over time, so your roof should still be inspected for needed repairs. No matter the materials of your shingles, have your home's roof washed regularly so you can check those tiles for damage and decay.

Note, too, that regularly washing your home's roof protects its appearance and curb appeal, perhaps more so than you realize! Homeowners are often surprised at the difference a thorough roof wash and exterior house washing makes when it comes to the overall look of their entire property, which is another reason to schedule this work as needed.

Related Questions

What type of pressure washer is best for residential roof washing?

Never assume that you can save on your roof cleaning costs by renting a power washer. Washing a home's roof is difficult and cumbersome, and can cause damage when performed incorrectly. Invest in a professional power washer for this service, to ensure your home's roof is washed correctly.

What is a soft wash system, and is it effective for roofs?

A soft wash system uses specialty surfactants and low-pressure rinsing. Soft wash systems are an excellent choice for residential roof cleaning, especially for older roofs with damaged or fragile tiles and flashing.

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