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Canton Power Washing

Every home in Canton, Michigan, needs pressure washing on a regular basis, and this includes regular cleaning of the roof, gutters, exterior walls, and windows. Cleaning sidewalks and driveways with a soft wash every year is also recommended for homes in Michigan, to remove residue from salt and other snow-clearing chemicals. Washing away these chemicals every spring protects concrete, asphalt, patio pavers, and other such surfaces from pitting and erosion.
Why Roof Cleaning Is Needed in Canton?
Never put off professional roof cleaning for your Canton area home! Snowy Michigan winters and wet, rainy springs are very rough on a home’s roof. Snow deposits dirt and grime on a roof and spring rain brings silt, grit, leaves, twigs, and other such debris with it! Leaving this debris on your roof allows shingles to come loose and then blow away in a storm.

A soft wash cleaning of your Canton home’s roof will gently but effectively remove years of thick dirt and grime. Your home will be protected from damage, and those roofing tiles will look fresh and new!

Why Power Wash a House in Canton?

Canton is known as having a small-town atmosphere, with The Village Theater and the Cherry Hill School offering old-world charm and appeal. This same charm is found in the design of many traditional homes in Canton, but that appeal can be lost if those houses are covered in dirt and grime! When you power wash a house in Canton, you restore its appearance and color and protect its overall curb appeal.

A soft wash for the exterior of a home in Canton will also remove residue from salt and snow-clearing chemicals that often land on a house when you’re clearing a driveway or walkway. These chemicals are very caustic and damaging to brick, siding, and plaster, but professional pressure washing services from ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor will thoroughly clean away that grime and keep your home’s exterior protected.

Our Specialty Soft Wash Systems Protect Your Whole Property!

Canton, Michigan, residents take great pride in their home, whether they live near Sheldon’s Corner or Cherry Hill, and soft wash systems from ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor can protect all of that property’s exterior. Sidewalk and driveway cleaning removes snow-clearing salt, window washing cleans away streaks that appear after a rainy Michigan spring, and gutter cleaning services protect your home from potential water damage.

ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor is locally owned and operated with many service areas near Canton, MI, and ensures that every Canton property receives the personalized service and care it needs for a thorough clean. We provide the lowest pressure washing prices in the industry, for washing roofs, gutters, exterior walls, windows, sidewalks, and driveways.

Our soft wash services do more than make your property look good, as removing dirt, grime, silt, and other debris will protect your home’s exterior surfaces from becoming dry and brittle, and from dangerous corrosion. To keep your home and exterior surfaces on your property safe from damage due to dirt and dust buildup, call the pressure washing experts at Ann Arbor Soft Washing Pros for a free, no-obligation estimate on all your exterior cleaning needs today.

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