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How Pressure Washing Protects a Pinckney Home

Pinckney Power Washing

Pinckney, Michigan, houses need regular pressure washing to remove dirt and grime that detract from a home’s overall curb appeal. However, a soft wash cleaning, as well as a professional washing of a home’s roof, gutters, windows, and driveway, does more than make a house look good. The pressure washing services offered by ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor protect a home’s interior and exterior from water damage and unnecessary repair bills!
Window Cleaning Services Protect Glass
Regular window cleaning services will make your home’s exterior window glass look clean and streak-free, and allow more sunlight into the exterior of the house. However, a good soft wash cleaning will also protect the glass of your Pinckney home’s windows, avoiding premature damage and aging. How so?

Michigan winters and its wet, rainy springs can deposit abrasive grit, silt, dirt, sand, and grime onto a Pinckney home’s windows, etching and scratching that glass. This etching causes glass to become cloudy, thin, and weak so that windows lose their insulating properties and let cold and hot air into your home. Specialty soft wash services as offered by ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor will remove that buildup without causing even more etching and scratching of window glass!

Why Roof Cleaning of a Pinckney Home Is Not a DIY Job!

Residents of the city often enjoy spending time at the city’s Pinckney State Recreation Area. However, natural attractions tend to kick up dust, dirt, grime, and other residues that will eventually settle onto a Pinckney area home’s roof. Without regular roof cleaning as offered by ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor, this grime will eventually cause shingles to get dry and brittle or to become overly wet and then curl up. This damage can increase the risk of roof leaks and water buildup in the home!

Roof cleaning is not a DIY job, as it takes some professional skills and knowhow to remove all that debris without loosening roofing tiles and shingles. A soft wash cleaning can also cut through years of buildup while protecting shingles and the roofing paper underneath them

A Gutter Cleaning Service Protects Against Water Damage

Gutters are not the most glamorous part of your Pinckney home, but they are very important! A thorough gutter cleaning service will ensure those gutters are not clogged and that rainwater runs freely to downspouts and away from your home. In turn, your house will be protected from developing cracks in exterior brick and siding and along the foundation, so that the house will have less risk of water leaks and resultant mold growth.

Other Power Washing Services to Protect Your Pinckney Home

A roof cleaning and exterior wall washing are not the only services offered by ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor. Our highly-trained technicians in the surrounding towns can show you how driveway and sidewalk soft wash can protect concrete, asphalt, and patio pavers, protecting them from becoming brittle and then cracking or spalling. This same soft wash can remove years of buildup from your Pinckney home’s exterior walls, protecting the brick or siding from corrosive damage and ensuring those surfaces always look their best!

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