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The Best Pressure Washing for a South Lyon Home

South Lyon Power Washing

Pressure washing for a South Lyon, Michigan, home is best left to a professional, to ensure this work is done right and that no spot or area of dirt and grime is overlooked. It’s also good to power wash a house, including its roof, windows, gutters, exterior walls, and concrete surfaces every year, if not even more than once per year. This is because temperamental Michigan weather can be rough on those surfaces, and neglecting needed roof cleaning and other such work can result in damage to shingles, window glass, brick, aluminum siding, and all other areas of your property.
Roof Cleaning a South Lyon Home Is Not a DIY Job!
Regular roof cleaning is recommended for any Michigan home, as heavy snow and springtime rain bring lots of damaging grit, grime, silt, and other residues that settles onto a home’s roof. This residue can cause shingles to get dry and brittle, or overly wet and moist. The tiles then crack and crumble away or begin to curl up, all of which lead to leaks and water damage in the home.

You might assume you can power wash a house and roof on your own, but this can be a mistake. Incorrect techniques for a roof cleaning can loosen shingles or even blow them right off the roof! Your home might also need a soft wash cleaning, which is designed to gently but effectively dissolve thick dirt and grime without damaging shingles or tiles, and without the need for a high-pressure rinse.

Why Window Cleaning Services Are Needed in South Lyon

South Lyon is known for its small-town atmosphere and outdoor activities, especially around autumn and the Halloween season. The city has even dedicated part of its McHattie Park to the Witch’s Hat Depot Museum and Historic Village. Along with McHattie Park, the Museum and Historic Village host public events including summertime concerns.

While South Lyon residents enjoy all these landmarks and outdoor activities, Michigan’s ever-changing weather can mean that a South Lyon home needs more consistent window cleaning services. Heavy spring rains that follow nasty Michigan winters often results in a layer of dirt, dust, grime, silt, grit, and other debris settling on your South Lyon home’s windows. A soft wash of those windows will get the glass sparkling clean without leaving behind streaks or damaging etching and scratching.

Gutter Cleaning Service and So Much More

A thorough gutter cleaning service of your South Lyon home will protect that house from potential water damage both inside and out. A soft wash of your property’s driveway and walkways will prevent premature damage to concrete and patio pavers, removing abrasive and damaging salt, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Our soft wash systems will also remove abrasive dirt, grit, silt, and other grime from your home’s aluminum siding and brick, so these materials don’t get damaged and allow leaks to form inside the house. These pressure washing services from ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor will ensure your entire property is clean and looking its best, while also helping to avoid unnecessary exterior repair bills. We are proud to offer our services to South Lyon and other nearby towns.

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