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Pressure Washing Services Protect Your Ypsilanti Home

Ypsilanti Power Washing

All homes in Michigan should get regular pressure washing services, but properties in Ypsilanti especially need the added protection of consistent, professional exterior cleaning. Michigan weather is rough on a home’s exterior, and soft wash services can clean and protect windows, driveways, and walkways, while also removing years of buildup from gutters and downspouts.
How Roof Cleaning Protects Your Ypsilanti Home
Homeowners often don’t give much thought to roof cleaning unless they notice that their shingles are covered in moss, dirt, grime, and the like. However, even small amounts of debris on a roof can loosen those tiles and increase the risk of having them blow away in a storm!

Twigs, leaves, seeds, and other such residues may blow in with winds coming off Frog Island Park and Riverside Park, and this debris might hold water against a roof’s surface, so that its protective paper softens and then tears. In turn, your home is more prone to a roof leak and water damage!

A soft wash of your Ypsilanti home’s roof will gently but thoroughly cut through years of caked-on mud, dirt, grime, and other debris, as well as soot and pollution from traffic along the I-94 corridor. To protect the roof of a home in downtown Ypsilanti or near the Depot Town area, call us for roof cleaning services and a thorough wash of its tiles and shingles.

Why You Need Exterior House Cleaning in Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti is full of many beautiful attractions, including the Automotive Heritage Museum, Starkweather Chapel, and the Ypsilanti Historical Museum, but the city is also close to several airports and busy roadways that deposit high levels of soot and grime onto the exterior of a home. This residue is more than just unsightly; if you don’t invest in regular pressure washing services to remove all that debris, it can eat away at your home’s brick or exterior siding.

Window cleaning services will also remove damaging grit, silt, dirt, mud, dust, cobwebs, and other residues that can etch your Ypsilanti home’s window glass and cause it to look cloudy and streaky. The solvents used for a soft wash in particular will eat away at built-up grime, silt, mud, and other residues that are clogging your home’s gutters, so rainwater then flows freely to the downspouts and away from your home.

Locally-Owned Power Washing Services in Ypsilanti

ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor is a locally-owned and operated pressure washing services company that specializes in addressing the unique needs of homes located in southeastern Michigan with a wide service area. We offer a unique soft wash system that effectively washes away even years of soot and grime, without damaging older brick or roofing tiles, delicate window glass, or softened concrete.

Don’t settle for some franchise company that you find when you search for “power washing near me,” as your Ypsilanti home and property deserve more than generic cleaning. ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor will ensure that every inch of your property’s exterior is clean and protected, and is a space you’re proud to call home!

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