Soft Wash Power Washing Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Powerful Soft Wash Services to Clean and Protect Your Property

Powerful Soft Wash Services to Clean and Protect Your Property

Regular, professional “Soft Wash” pressure washing from Ann Arbor Pressure Washing Pros will ensure that a house or commercial building is clean and protected from damage caused by dust, dirt, silt, grit and corrosive chemicals. A thorough roof cleaning will remove algae, mold, moss, and mildew, protecting your home or business from potential roof leaks and resultant water damage. Soft washing windows, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots will also keep those surfaces looking their best while protecting them from damage and wear. If you haven’t experienced soft washing before, prepare to be impressed. It’s more effective and faster than the standard high-pressure washing you’d typically find.
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Residential Washing

Residential pressure washing helps to maintain your home and keep it in good repair. Soft wash roof cleaning will remove grit, residue from acid rain, bird droppings, twigs, seeds, and stains from your home’s roof. This is because layers of dirt and silt, snow-clearing salt, fertilizers, pesticides, and other debris can eat away at exterior brick and aluminum siding, resulting in surface pits, cracks, and chips. Water can then seep into these openings, softening a home’s framework and encouraging mold growth!
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Commercial Washing

Commercial power washing services ensure that your building’s exterior is inviting and welcoming to clients, customers, and staff. A soft wash commercial power washer will remove years of dirt and grime from your commercial building, restoring the color of its exterior walls, shutters, awnings, and signage.  Regular power washing concrete parking lots and sidewalks will protect these surfaces from early damage caused by that corrosive buildup.
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“Soft Wash” Pressure Washing

Residential power washing does more than just clean exterior walls. The detergents used for Ann Arbor Power Washing Pro’s soft wash pressure washing will gently dissolve even the thickest layers of grime, as well as any chemical residue clinging to a home’s exterior. When you let us power wash a house, we will remove insect nests, termite tunnels, and cobwebs, reducing the chance of an infestation in the home.
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“Soft Wash” Roof Cleaning

A soft wash roof cleaning is an investment in your home itself. This is because algae, mold, moss, twigs, seeds, and other debris can get wedged under roofing tiles. Those loosened shingles are then more likely to get blown away in a storm! Algae and other vegetation will also hold moisture against roofing paper, causing that paper to soften and tear. This leads to water leaks and mold growth inside the home.
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Driveway Washing

As with all other exterior surfaces of your property, a soft wash driveway power washing from ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor will remove years of built-up grime and grit, as well as salt, fertilizer, pesticides, and corrosive automotive fluids. Hiring a power washing company to soft wash your property’s sidewalk, patio pavers, and other walkways will keep them free of slippery mud and moss, without chipping thin stone or dislodging pavers.
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Window Cleaning

Soft wash window cleaning services start with the application of special surfactants that gently dissolve dirt, dust, cobwebs, and other debris on window surfaces. Soft wash window washing companies then rinse away that detergent and debris with very low water pressure, reducing the risk of etching or outright shattering the glass! Your home’s windows are then clean and streak-free.

Why Soft Wash Gutter Cleaning Services?

When gutters are clogged, rainwater runs over their sides and down the exterior walls of a home, collecting around the structure’s foundation. This can easily lead to water damage to your home and property.

The detergents used for Ann Arbor Power Washing Pro’s soft wash pressure washing will eat through layers of built-up grime and silt so that debris can be gently washed away. Your home’s gutters will be free of clogs and buildup, and your home protected from water leaks and a cracked foundation!


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