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Why Professional Power Washing Services Using Soft Wash

Five-Star Commercial Power Washing Services | The Soft Wash Approach

Professional commercial pressure washing will keep the outside of your business clean and pristine, making your facility more inviting to customers and clients. A soft wash roof cleaning can even prolong the life of your building’s roof and reduce the risk of leaks and water damage. Schedule with Ann Arbor Power Washing today!

Why Professional Power Washing Services Using Soft Wash?

Regular commercial power washing services will remove unsightly dust, dirt, mud, silt, grime, cobwebs, and insect nests from a building’s exterior. Commercial pressure washing can even enhance the color of the building and ensure that it looks well-maintained and in good repair.

A commercial power washer service will also remove built-up salt and other chemicals that eat away at brick and aluminum siding. The detergents used for soft wash cleaning in particular will gently but thoroughly dissolve these corrosive materials. The low pressure applied with a soft wash also protects your building’s exterior from the chips, cracks, and other damage often caused by a standard high-pressure commercial power washer.
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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Protects Your Roof

When you power wash a house, you do more than make it look good! Dirt, grit, dust, bird droppings, and residue from acid rain that settle onto a home will get ground into the roof and exterior walls.

All this debris will then etch and scratch those surfaces. This damage can lead to water leaks inside the home and may allow mold, moss, algae, and mildew to grow on its exterior surfaces. A thorough outside house cleaning removes all that damaging residue, protecting a home’s interior and exterior!

Power Washing Concrete Keeps It Strong | Only With Soft Wash

Soft wash commercial power washing both concrete and asphalt can keep those surfaces strong and durable. A soft wash will gently and thoroughly remove corrosive automotive fluids, salt and other snow-clearing chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides from your lot and walkways, protecting concrete and asphalt from premature chipping and cracking. 

Soft wash power washing concrete and asphalt can also restore the color of those surfaces, so lines and markings are more visible on your commercial parking lot.
Gutter Cleaning With a Roof Cleaning

Include Gutter Cleaning With a Roof Cleaning

A soft wash gutter cleaning along with regular roof cleaning will protect your building’s exterior walls and foundation from potential water damage. The surfactants used for a soft wash roof cleaning will gently dissolve even the thickest buildup of silt in your building’s gutters, making quick and easy work of getting those gutters thoroughly clean.

Always Use Soft Power Washing Services for Windows

Brushes and sponges used during standard window cleaning can scratch and etch window glass. Soft wash power washing services start with the application of gentle but effective cleansers, so that dirt can then be easily washed away, leaving windows on your commercial building streak-free and in pristine condition.
Soft Power Washing Services for Windows
Commercial Power Washer In All of Wayne and Washtenaw

Five-Star Commercial Power Washer In All of Wayne and Washtenaw

When you’re ready to call the highest-rated commercial power washing company for your exterior property cleaning needs, contact us at ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor. We service not just Ann Arbor, but all surrounding areas, including Canton, Saline, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, Dexter, South Lyon, and everywhere in between!

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