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Get Your Deck Cleaning in Ann Arbor Before Summer Hits!

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Deck Cleaning Ann Arbor Residents Rely On

The deck cleaning Ann Arbor property owners are looking for is exactly what we provide. We know what it's like to get the itch to be outside when it finally starts to warm up in the spring in Michigan. Did you spot your first robin? Then it's time to get your professional deck cleaner over to clean up your surfaces before the temperatures rise! ProClean Power Washing Ann Arbor will get you on the schedule fast.

We utilize our tried and true methods for power washing that are safe, environmentally friendly, affordable, and efficient. You won't believe your eyes when you see the dirt, grime, and other build-ups we can remove. After applying a thorough wood deck cleaner, it will look like the day you put it in!

Our team is available for same-day quotes Monday through Friday. The initial estimate is always free, and we will stick around to answer as many questions as you need us to in order to make sure you're comfortable. We will walk you through our techniques, cleaning solutions, and every step of the process, from appointment booking to your satisfaction guarantee included with every service. Don't wait. Call now!
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Why Should You Hire A Professional Deck Cleaner?

The best deck cleaner in Ann Arbor is on our team; we promise you that! Why should you pay for an expert, though, if you're fully capable of handling the task yourself? Just see all we can do for you that you can't do yourself:

  • Our team has the best pressure washers in Ann Arbor, so you don't have to worry about borrowing one or renting one. 
  • We use an industrial-quality cleaning solution that can get into all of the tight spaces and crevices of your deck and remove stubborn dirt without damaging your deck's finish.
  • We are trained to safely use pressure washers, so you don't have to worry about any damage or injury. 
  • Our team can quickly clean your deck without leaving any streaks or residue - which is almost impossible with a DIY job.

We understand that you may want to DIY your deck cleaning, but think of all the advantages we bring to the table. Check out our blog for some more fun facts about pressure washing services.

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Signs Your Deck Needs to Be Cleaned

Are you unsure about whether or not your deck needs to be cleaned? Take a look at some of the most common reasons why we wash decks and why our clients call us:

  1. Algae or mold growth
  2. Slippery surfaces
  3. Discolored or stained boards
  4. Peeling or flaking paint or stain
  5. Accumulation of dirt and debris
  6. Warped or damaged boards
  7. Faded or uneven coloring
  8. Water not beading up on the surface

If any of this sounds familiar, you need to reach out to our friendly customer care staff. We are honest and transparent, so you'll never pay for a product or service you don't need.

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