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ProClean's NEW EPA-Approved Sanitization Services in Ann Arbor


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Kills Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

including Covid-19 and influenza

Environmentally Friendly

EPA registered, non-toxic, biodegradable

Leave Your Site "As Is"

Safe 2-hour process and no residue

Our Top-Rated Sanitization Service Company in Ann Arbor

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, ProClean is doing everything possible to ensure that the local residents of Michigan are safe. We've taken the steps necessary to provide crucial sanitization services to not only the Ann Arbor community but also surrounding areas of Detroit Metro, Southeastern & Central Michigan. Our workers have received extensive training and guarantee you protection against harmful viruses and bacteria for up to 90 days.

We've become industry leaders in disinfecting and sanitation. Ann Arbor Power Washing is up to the task, so give our sanitization experts a call!
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Our ProClean Team's Process to Disinfect & Protect

First, receive a contactless estimate by giving us a call to discuss your business's square footage and pricing
Before our team arrives on scene, there is zero preparation work required on your part. Leave the site "as is."
When we arrive, we'll get started sanitizing your space with our atomizer equipment which ensures complete coverage
You can expect that our sanitization professionals will be in and out in no time. Your space is ready to go 2 hours after treatment! 
After disinfecting and sanitization, you can have peace of mind that your site is protected and any harmful particles eliminated
You'll be so happy with our services that you refer a colleague or business owner to us. When you do, the next cleaning is on us!

Relax and Stay Healthier with Thorough Disinfection & Sanitization

You are healthy right now, and your home or business looks and smells clean enough, so why should you pay for sanitization services in Ann Arbor? Because we go above and beyond what conventional household cleaning agents do. Our pressure washing professionals are already highly-trained in paying close attention to all the little details. Rest assured that nothing will get overlooked when you trust ProClean Power Washing of Ann Arbor to do the job.
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Need 24/7 Sanitization in Ann Arbor? We're on It!

While other sanitization companies may also offer quality services, our team has decided to step it up a notch. We offer 24/7, emergency and overnight services. Sometimes, it's not possible to receive our virus-eliminating services while your business is open, or if you own a restaurant, while food is served. So, our Ann Arbor sanitizing team will complete services at night while no customers are there.

Has there been an outbreak in a college dorm? Medical center staff tested positive? If you require emergency, last minute cleaning services, our pros are on the job. Call us today, and we will go over all the essential details during your FREE contactless estimate provided with zero obligation.
  • Verified Client Reviews

    "I own a restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor so I knew I needed a local sanitization company to regularly provide services while there were no employees, customers, or food around. Thankfully, ProClean Sanitization Service's team provides overnight services. Thanks again!"
  • Verified Reviews

    "If your looking for someone to power wash your house or even business and want great prices.....this business is definitely the one to go to! He did my house and wow oh wow my house likes totally amazing! Would definitely recommend them!"

How to Know if Sanitization is the Right Service for You

If you neglect disinfecting and sanitization services in Ann Arbor any longer, it could be a huge disservice to those around you. We find that sanitizing is typically used after an occurrence, including a workplace contaminated with virus particles or a COVID positive patient is seen at a medical facility. However, there are also instances in which it can be beneficial and preventative choice. For example, a new parent bringing a baby home, ensuring a healthier work environment, or student coming back from holiday break to their dorm rooms. Whatever your reason for seeking out our sanitization in Ann Arbor, we're the experts for the job!

Eliminate the germs, bacteria, and all other invisible enemies completely by !
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Viruses Don't Stand a Chance Against Us, Call for your Contactless Estimate!

We take pride in the sanitization process we've created because we know it helps Michigan business owners have peace of mind that residents and customers are safe. 

The atomizer equipment we use allows us to guarantee total coverage of all surfaces. Furthermore, our chemicals are EPA-registered, meaning that they are on List N of approved disinfectants released by the EPA. All products on the list will kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) used properly. Our medical-grade, non-toxic chemicals are also approved for use against NoroVirus and influenza. Interested in learning more about our sanitization service process, give us a call to get started today!

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