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Expert Driveway Power Washing Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Driveway Power Washing Ann Arbor

Driveway Power Washing Ann Arbor

Regular Driveway Power Washing does more than keep a home’s driveway and walkways clean and presentable. Hiring a five-star power washing company like ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor to clean concrete, stone, and asphalt on your property will prolong the life of those surfaces, resulting in fewer repairs and replacement costs over time!

How a Power Washing Company Protects Surfaces Using Soft Wash

Automotive fluids, salt and other snow-removing chemicals, leaves, twigs, grass clippings, fertilizer and weed killers used on your property’s lawn all break down concrete and asphalt. In turn, those surfaces begin to crack and chip and develop potholes. Professional power washing for an Ann Arbor home will remove all that debris, protecting your property’s concrete and asphalt surfaces from premature damage.
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Why a Soft Wash Power Washing For Exterior Surfaces

A soft wash power washing is much like standard pressure washing, except that a soft wash starts with special detergents and surfactants that help to break down years of built-up dirt and grime. These detergents are applied to areas to be cleaned and then allowed to sit for several minutes, so they fully penetrate even the thickest layers of mud, silt, grit, and other debris.

A soft wash power washing then rinses away the detergent and all that dirt, using very low water pressure. A soft wash power washing is an excellent choice for thin patio pavers, old and brittle wood decks and fences, glass fences, and landscape edging. A professional soft wash power washing company can guarantee a thorough cleaning without the risk of scratches, etching, and other damage to these delicate and brittle surfaces.

Soft Wash Power Washing for Ann Arbor Driveways and Walkways

Many homeowners assume that the only way to get concrete and asphalt thoroughly clean is with a high-pressure driveway power washing. In truth, a soft wash is better for both concrete and asphalt, and can get both surfaces cleaner than most standard pressure washing systems!

One reason for this added clean is that the detergents used with a soft wash system are meant to break down tough dirt and even oil stains so that this debris can be rinsed away easily. Another reason to choose a soft wash professional pressure washer is that low water pressure won’t dislodge aggregate from the surface of concrete or asphalt, and won’t cause even more damage to chipped or broken areas! Soft washing results in clean and pristine concrete and asphalt driveways, walkways, and other surfaces on your property, without causing damage to those surfaces.
What Makes Us the Best Power Washing Company in Ann Arbor

What Makes Us the Best Power Washing Company in Ann Arbor?

What makes ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor the best power washing company in Ann Arbor and all surrounding areas? One reason is that we offer a full range of power washing and soft wash services from your home, including roof cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning, and everything in between! We can thoroughly clean your property’s entire exterior, from the home’s roof and gutters to the outside walkways and everything in between, all in one visit!

We specialize in driveway power washing, cleaning away built-up residue from your driveway and walkways, preserving your property’s appearance and protecting those surfaces from damage. For all your exterior home cleaning needs in around Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Canton, Saline, and surrounding areas, call ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor today.
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