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How Residential Pressure Washing Protects Your Home’s Exterior

Expert residential pressure washing is the best way to protect your home’s exterior from damage caused by dust, dirt, silt, grit, salt from snow clearing, and acid rain. All this damaging debris settles onto a home’s roof and exterior walls over the years, cracking roof shingles and causing exterior brick walls to get soft and crumbly.

Residential Power Washing – the Soft Wash Way

You don’t want to hire just any residential pressure washing company to clean the outside surfaces of your home, as standard high-pressure washes can chip soft brick, dent aluminum siding, loosen roofing tiles, and shatter windows!

Soft wash residential power washing, such as the system used by ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor, uses special detergents that loosen dirt and grime so that this debris can be rinsed away with extremely low water pressure. These detergents dissolve caked-on dirt that other residential power washing systems might miss, or that would otherwise require strong water pressure to clean away. In turn, your home’s exterior surfaces are spotlessly clean and free of damage!
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Benefits of a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Residential roof cleaning restores the color of roofing shingles and tiles, enhancing your home’s curb appeal. The detergents used with soft wash roof pressure cleaning will also kill the spores of algae and other contaminants that grow under roofing tiles, protecting the roof from water damage and potential leaks.

A soft wash roof cleaning will gently but thoroughly remove years of dirt from a roof, without loosening shingles or causing older tiles to get crumbly and cracked. This process can also safely expose areas of damage, so you know when you need roof repair and not just roof cleaning!

Driveway and Sidewalk Pressure Washing Near Ann Arbor

A standard residential pressure washing company can easily damage aged, crumbly driveways and sidewalks. High-pressure cleaning can also loosen aggregate and broken areas of pavement, making that damage worse.

A soft wash residential pressure washing of driveways and walkways will quickly but gently remove years of grime, motor oil, salt used for snow clearing, weed killers, and other residues that settles onto a home’s concrete or asphalt, keeping those surfaces spotlessly clean and looking their best.
Why Soft Wash for Gutter Cleaning an Ann Arbor MI Home

Why Soft Wash for Gutter Cleaning an Ann Arbor MI Home?

Soft washing is an excellent choice for gutter cleaning an Ann Arbor MI home, especially for gutters that are caked with years of mud and silt. The solvents made for soft washing will dissolve all that debris, making quick work of rinsing it away, without the risk of damaging those gutters or creating a messy splatter along a home’s exterior walls.

Residential Window Cleaning With a Soft Wash System

Window glass can be etched and damaged by dirt, silt, grit, and acid rain residue, but regular residential window cleaning with a soft wash system will gently remove all that damaging buildup from your home’s windows. Our soft wash cleaning guarantees your windows will be sparkly clean and streak-free, improving the view both inside and outside the house!
Residential Window Cleaning With a Soft Wash System
Pressure Washing Near Ann Arbor and Beyond

Pressure Washing Near Ann Arbor and Beyond

ProClean Power Washing of Ann Arbor offers residential pressure washing for all Ann Arbor homes and businesses, as well as Canton, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, South Lyon, Plymouth, and all areas in between! If you’re located anywhere along the I-275 and I-94 corridor, call ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor for all your residential power washing and exterior cleaning needs.

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