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Top Rated Ann Arbor Roof Cleaning

Your home needs the highest-rated roof cleaning in Ann Arbor. Our professional pressure washers will remove built-up debris that can damage roofing tiles and shingles, while also restoring the color of a roof, enhancing your property’s overall curb appeal.

Benefits of Soft Wash Cleaning

Regular, professional roof cleaning does more than make your home’s roof look good; roof soft wash pressure washing removes damaging debris, including twigs, leaves, seeds, bird droppings, residue from acid rain, as well as dirt and algae that get lodged between roofing tiles. A professional roof shingle cleaner can remove all that debris, keeping tiles and shingles secure and intact.
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Expert Roof Pressure Washing – The Soft Wash Way

Roof pressure washing services can dislodge twigs, seeds, leaves, and other debris from under shingles and tiles, but a high-pressure roof power washing can also damage those shingles, even blowing them right off the roof! A soft wash roof cleaning uses high-quality detergents and surfactants to dissolve dirt and debris, and less water pressure to rinse away that waste, so that roofing shingles don’t get dislodged or otherwise damaged.

A soft wash roof cleaning is also best for older roofs, or those with damaged or brittle tiles and shingles. A high-pressure wash, or scraping a roof with a stiff-bristled brush, can damage those weakened tiles, causing them to become thin and crumbly. Thin, worn, or crumbly roofing tiles increases the risk of water leaks into the home, and also means losing more heat and air conditioning through the roof, causing your utility bills to spike!

Why a Soft Wash is Best for Cleaning Moss Off Roof

Moss, algae, mold, and mildew can grow between roofing tiles, causing those shingles to become loose, so they’re more likely to blow away in a storm. A high-pressure roof cleaning may not effectively remove this debris, as pressurized water only blows away their vegetation, without killing their spores!

Soft wash roof cleaning chemicals are designed to remove biological materials, including the spores of moss, algae, and other such contaminants. Having a soft wash roof cleaning for an Ann Arbor home means less risk of that moss, algae, mold, mildew, and other irritants growing back over the years.
Roof Cleaning Cost Is An Investment In Your Home

Your Roof Cleaning Cost Is An Investment In Your Home

Regular roof cleaning of a Michigan home is an investment in your property. A thorough and professional roof wash will protect shingles from damage caused by acid rain residue, twigs that scrape the surface of those tiles, and moss that loosens tiles from their connectors. You then need to replace those shingles far less often when you invest in a regular roof soft wash for your home.

Roof cleaning of a Michigan home also removes contaminants that hold moisture next to the roof paper, causing it to get soft and crumbly. When roofing paper gets soft, it’s more prone to suffering rips or tears, increasing the risk of water leaks and resultant mold growth in the home. A roof soft wash then protects your home’s roof from this damage.
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Roof Pressure Washing 
Is Not a DIY Job!

If your home needs roof cleaning, why not just rent a pressure washer and tackle this job yourself? The short answer is that a roof wash is not a DIY job! One important reason for this is that misusing a pressure washer can mean blowing tiles and shingles right off your home’s roof or causing old and brittle tiles to crumble and break away.

It can also be challenging to decide on the right roof cleaning chemicals to use for a home’s roof, as some cleansers are meant for just a lightweight cleaning, whereas other, stronger chemicals are needed to kill mold, algae, mildew, and moss. However, these stronger chemicals can be hazardous and harmful to your skin, eyes, and nasal passages, and can also harm your precious flowerbeds and landscaping features. To protect your property and even your health, leave this work to a professional roof cleaning company.

Trained technicians from a roof cleaning company will also know how to stay safe on ladders or on the roof itself. Properly trained technicians will also know when a soft wash roof cleaning is recommended, to protect old and brittle tiles, or to ensure that mold, moss, algae, and other biological contaminants are thoroughly cleaned and washed away from your home’s roof!
Roof Pressure Washing  Is Not a DIY Job
We Are More Than Roof Cleaning in Ann Arbor

We Are More Than Roof Cleaning in Ann Arbor

If your home needs a thorough roof cleaning, it’s also time to clean the home’s gutters, exterior walls, sidewalks and driveway, and windows. Built-up dust, dirt, mud, oil stains, and residue from salt used to clean away snow during Michigan winters can cause wood to get soft and cracked, concrete to spall and chip, and brick to get soft and crumbly.

Rainwater can also spill over the sides of clogged gutters, causing water damage to a home’s walls and foundation. Cleaning clogged gutters is probably no homeowner’s idea of a fun Sunday afternoon, but the trained technicians at Ann Arbor Power Wash Pros can make quick work of cleaning your home’s gutters while also giving your home’s roof a soft wash.

Neglecting to wash the exterior of your home’s windows can be just as damaging, as built-up dirt and debris can etch window glass, creating small nicks and cuts in those windows. This buildup allows even more dirt and debris to settle onto the surface of window glass, making windows look cloudy and dull. To avoid these risks and ensure your home is always in good repair, call us when you need concrete, deck, window, and roof soft wash.

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ProClean Power Washing Of Ann Arbor specialize in roof cleaning in Ann Arbor, and we also all service areas along the 275 corridor. This includes the Michigan cities of Canton, Saline, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, South Lyon, and every area in between! For all roof cleaning in Michigan, ours is a company that can’t be beaten, so call us today when you’re ready for five-star cleaning services for your home’s roof.
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If your looking for someone to power wash your house or even business and want great prices.....this business is definitely the one to go to! He did my house and wow oh wow my house likes totally amazing! Would definitely recommend them!

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