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Expert Window Cleaning in Ann Arbor & Surrounding Michigan Areas

Why is thorough window cleaning an Ann Arbor home so tricky? Using store-bought glass cleaner, vinegar, and other household products, along with rags, newspaper, or any household cloth isn’t enough to thoroughly clean exterior windows and can make them dirtier than before.

Layers and layers of dust, mud, dirt, cobwebs, bird droppings, residue from acid rain, and other debris won’t come clean with low-quality glass cleaners and everyday rags. You might even rub dirt and grime into the windows when you manage your window cleaning of an Ann Arbor home, etching the glass and make it look streaky, cloudy, and discolored. 

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Soft Wash Window Cleaning for an Ann Arbor Home

Soft washing is quickly becoming a popular choice for window cleaning for an Ann Arbor home. A soft wash starts with the application of special cleansers or solvents that sit and penetrate layers of dirt, grime, and other buildups.

The detergent and dirt are then rinsed away with a particular low-pressure system. This lower pressure ensures that your window washing for an Ann Arbor home doesn’t etch or weaken window glass, while still getting those windows thoroughly clean.

More Than Just Window Cleaning Services

If your home’s windows need cleaning, chances are it’s time for roof, driveway, and siding power washing services as well! A soft wash of your home’s exterior surfaces will safely and gently remove mud, salt from winter snow clearing, cobwebs, insect nests and termite tunnels, bird droppings, twigs and seeds that are lodged under roofing shingles, and years of dust and dirt from your home’s exterior surfaces.

Regular roof and siding power washing services will then improve your home’s curb appeal, even restoring the color of its shingles and exterior siding. A soft wash can also expose peeling paint, soft brick, and rusted railings, so you know if it’s time to call a roofer or other residential contractor.
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Window Cleaning in Ann Arbor is Not a DIY Job!

Using a garden hose to clean your home’s exterior windows is ineffective against years of caked-on dirt, dust, and grime, and may splatter that dirt onto your home’s exterior walls. A high-pressure washer can also easily shatter a window!

Being up on a ladder to wash windows is also dangerous. The risk of falling and suffering a severe injury is reason enough to leave this job to professional window washing companies! 

When you’re ready for the best window cleaning services in Ann Arbor and all surrounding areas, give us a call. Our soft wash system will quickly, efficiently, and gently remove all dirt and residue from your home’s exterior windows, leaving behind a streak-free shine that will improve the look of your home’s windows from both the inside and outside of your home! Your #1 choice for windows washing services.
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Our Window Washing Company Will Clean and Protect Your Ann Arbor Home's Windows!

If you’re a homeowner, it’s good to consider leaving window cleaning services to the pros. That’s because getting exterior windows clean and streak-free is more difficult than many people realize! Properly cleaning a home’s windows, especially if they’re covered with years of buildup and residue, can be a messy job, and being up on ladders to reach second-story windows is downright dangerous. 

If you're still not convinced that our Ann Arbor Power Washing team can get the job done, feel free to visit our cleaning services blog to find out more about the exceptional services we provide. Learn the ins and outs of our window washing business! As a leading window washing company you will be glad you called us.
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